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Canoecopia is a great success. Hear what the people had to say!


SEA-LECT Designs has returned from a very successful showing

at Rutabaga’s Canoecopia















Thank you to all the Rutabaga staff. Their help in introducing SEA-LECT Designs and the launch of our brand at its first show was invaluable. The reception we received from the customers, staff and other vendors were tremendous. We learned much more than expected and are very pleased.

We would like to share the following comments overheard in the SEA-LECT Designs booth at Rutabaga’s Canoecopia in response to our kayak hardware display. These are unsolicited, unedited and in order of receipt.

“I don’t know what I need them for, I just need them” (brass pad eyes)

“Where have you been all my life?”

“Will all this be at Rutabaga?”

“Hard to find when you need it”

“That dinky hardware is hard to find”

“Good stuff”

“This is hard stuff to find”

“It’s been so hard to find hardware”

“All this is essential stuff”

“All these goodies I’ve searched and searched for in the past”

“I like gadgets!”

“Is all this going to be at Rutabaga?”

“Very unique and hard to find”

“I love widgets and clips and doodads”

“I couldn’t find the source for these (brass pad eyes) It’s a bonus you’re here”

“I’ll start now with the basics. But I’ll be back”

“This is sexy! I feel kind of funny”

“I just l like shiny things”

“I’m not sure what I’m looking for. But I gotta look anyway”

“I love hardware. You’ve really got some neat stuff”

“Just one of those gotta have it things” (rod holder)

“This is stuff I always need. I just don’t need any right now”

There were several more “will this be at Rutabaga” comments that are not written down. We should have kept tick marks.

The rudder and footbrace display were a hit and people loved to play with the rudder and were impressed with how simple its operation was. Many of the do it yourself boat builders liked the hatches. We gave out quite a few parts lists with the Rutabaga / Canoecopia logo on the header. Their expanded hardware section will be drawing some nice traffic to the store in the future.

Next we move on to Paddlesports 2010 at The Jersey Paddler. It should be a great time!




Ryan Hanegan

Sales and Dealer Services

SEA-LECT Designs