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Products reviewed in the August 2010 Sea Kayaker

SEALECT Designs / Sea-Dog footbraces as well as SEALECT Designs hatches were mentioned in two Sea Kayaker boat reviews this month.

The first review is for the "Illusion" by Sterling's Kayaks and Fiberglass.

"The Sea-Dog (SEALECT Designs) foot braces are comfortable, solid and easy to adjust by turning a lever and moving the pedal with a toe."

Reguarding the hatches "After rolling and rescues the front hatch contained less than a cup of water. the other two hatches were damp but not wet" another reviewer reported "after rigorouse rolling and rescues, had less than a tablespoon of water in the stern and day hatch compartments,and two tablespoons in the bow.

Also reviewed was the "Solstice GTS" by Current Designs.

Here the Sea Kayaker reviewers made the following comment about our rudder control footbraces. "The pivoting Sea Dog (SEALECT Designs) rudder pedals provide firm bracing even while using the rudder. They were easy to adjust with easy-to-reach rods while paddling, though the spray shirt had to be opened"

If your intrested in knowing more about the SEALECT Designs footbraces please give us a call at 425-252-2149. As always we are glad to help.