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Drain Plug Fit List


Below is a listing of common boats and the drain plug that fits each. Please note, this is not an all encompassing list, and chances are we're flat wrong about one (or more) of the manufactures listed below ... however, we're looking to learn from our msitakes, and would love your help! Let us know if we have an incorrect plug listed by posting a note in the "comments" section below - we'll get it changed pronto!

Ascend (Tracker): Fine Thread

Big Dog Kayaks: Coarse Thread

Dagger: Coarse Thread

Delta: Fine Thread

Cobra Kayak: Coarse Thread

Crescent Kayak: Coarse Thread

Eddyline: Coarse Thread

Emotion: Fine Thread

Fluid: Own Brand Plug

Hovie: Fine Thread

Jackson: Fine Thread

Lifetime (Rainbow): Coarse Thread

Liquid Logic: Coarse Thread

Malibu Kayaks: Coarse Thread (Newer Models Have Own Brand Plug)

Native Watercraft: Coarse Thread

Necky: Coarse Thread

Ocean Kayak: Fine Thread

Pelican: Fine Thread

Perception: Coarse Thread

Prijon: Own Brand Plug

Pyranha: Own Brand Plug (however, some do use a Coarse Thread)

Santa Cruz: Fine Thread

Swift: Coarse Thread

Wave Sport: Coarse Thread

Wilderness Systems: Coarse Thread

6 comments so far:

Wilderness Systems - Coarse

Liquid Logic - Coarse

Native Watercraft - Coarse

Prijon - Has to be theirs

Fluid - Has to be theirs

Pyranha - Has to be theirs

(Last three are all different)

Ocean Kayak USA and New Zealand both use fine threaded drain plugs, Cobra Kayaks used coarse threads.

New Malibu Kayaks have their own custom design with a larger overall diameter.

Thanks for posting Mary & John!

have four emotion kayaks - three spitfire 8' and one 9'. all of them came with coarse thread plug. have misplaced one twice, and it'll happen again. so looking to buy a spare or two...

while waiting for a replacement plug to arrive from amazon, I found a wine cork to work just fine. of course I have extra corks packed in my dry bag now for future. And I found the missing plug just before the new one arrived! And the cork is still in my boat!!

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