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Huckin' Loops & Castin' Lures! Freestyle Kayak Fishing is Born!


Here at SEA-LECT Designs we're at the forefront of innovative design ... so we're happy to announce a Canoecopia partnership with Jackson Kayaks to introduce the ultimate freestyle kayak fishing whitewater boat ... we're calling it the Rock Star-Fish!

The Jackson Rock Star line is known for taking playboating to the next level, but with the addition of the best kayak fishing accessories SEA-LECT Designs has to offer ... yet another level has been discovered! Complete with anchor and anchor trolley kit for ultimate hole retention, deck bungee kit for storage of that freshly caught channel cat, rod holder for storing your reel, and clips to snap your paddle into when you want to impressing your friends with some hand surfing, this boat is ready for a day of huckin' loops & castin' lures!

In addition, because we didn't think a 5'5" boat was maneuverable enough ... we've added our SEA-LECT Designs TruCourse Rudder System for the tightest turning radius on the market!

"We at Jackson Kayak are always setting the pace with new trends, and no doubt freestyle kayak fishing, whether freshwater or saltwater (rudder optional), is going to be huge." said Joe Pulliam, Senior Manager at Jackson Kayaks. "JK will have the first complete size range of boats for this fast emerging sport. With EJ's combined love of fishing and freestyle kayaking, there was no doubt that we'd be leading the charge here. Think McNasty when hooked to a big tarpon! Nick and Dane will have videos soon. They'll blow your mind!"

It's a design of Frankensteinian ingenuity that never would have happened without the meeting of the minds at Canoecopia, presented by Rutabaga. When the Rock Star was presented to SEA-LECT Designs as a canvas for attaching paddlesports hardware & repair accessories, a new genre of paddlesports was born ... freestyle kayak fishing.

"It's become my everyday kayak," said Ryan Hanegan, who's in charge of sales & dealer service for SEA-LECT Designs (pictured with his Rock Star S to the right). "It's everything I could want in a boat, and more."

"I mean just last week I wanted to take a little break after the Canoecopia show, so I took it out for a little paddle down the Skykomish River that runs by our office here in Everett, WA. I was at the bottom of this epic hole when all of a sudden I saw this huge salmon, with these beady little eyes, staring back at me through the face of the wave. I threw out my anchor, grabbed my pole, and that sucker was mine - victory never tasted so good!"

Special thanks to Jon and Darren from Rutabaga for providing the inspiration, and the gang at Jackson Kayaks for playing along!

CAUTION: Anchors and rodeo holes don't really mix ... we hope you enjoy our fictitious account, and that you use just a little bit of prudence next time you throw down in your favorite fishin’ hole.


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Great post you guys. Should have waited for April 1st. I bet that got a lot of attention at the show.

I want to see a video of the guy in the last photo getting in that kayak.