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Beyond the Boat ... The Gear Hammock

Ideas for use of SEA-LECT Designs Products in your day-to-day life!

As a paddler that frequently lives in his truck (sometimes by choice, sometimes not) gear management is the daily battle, especially in the damp climes of the Pacific Northwest keeping your wet paddling gear and dry camp clothes separate are most important. There really is nothing worse than spending 6 hours wet and cold only to get back to your truck to realize you errantly put your dry clothes in a puddle of water in the bed of your truck, making your three hour drive home a soggy affair. A Nylon Gear Hammock from SEA-LECT Designs will help to create dry spaces and wet spaces.

Nylon Gear Hammock (K671100-1)

The advantage of the hammock is it utilizes space above the floor.

When living in the truck or road tripping all your gear occupies the space in the bed, paddling gear, sleeping space, kitchen set up, etc. and typically you’ll have excess space from the top of the truck bed to the roof that isn’t being utilized unless you just stack your gear to the ceiling, but that is hardly usable if you have to dig through piles of stinky capilene and Gore-Tex® to get to your Naked juice Green Machine.

By using the gear hammock you can hang either non-essential items from the cap and free up space in the bed or separate the dry clean items from the wet dirty items. I’ve found they also work well for food storage.

SS Pad Eye (K081850-1) w/ Pop Rivets (K799555BK-1)

As a paddler I like my gear to be small and light, the stainless steel pop rivet mount pad eyes fit that bill.

Now the stainless steel option might be a bit over kill for this particular application, the cap of my truck would collapse before any load broke that pad eye, but I like the finish and there is no reason to add weight to my truck (that little 4 cylinder is already mad at me for filling her with gear and driving over Stevens Pass 40 times this summer).

Beyond the Boat is a product of Jed Hawkes, SEA-LECT Designs Customer Service Rep extraordinaire … look for new additions to the Beyond the Boat series as he outfits his truck (and other paddling outlets) with usefully gadgets to make paddling life easier!

Have an idea on how to use one of our products? Send him a note at

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