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DEALERS: Get E-Mail Notifications for UPS Shipments

UPS Shipment Notifications ATTENTION: All SEA-LECT Designs Dealers … We’ve recently upgraded our shipping system, and now have a function which might be helpful … saving you time, and maybe even money.

Now for all UPS shipments, if you’d like to be informed when the package has left our facility (along with the tracking number) we can automatically e-mail you that information - no need to call and obtain it.

We can store up to 2 separate e-mails per account, and when your shipment leaves our facility (UPS only at the moment), you’ll receive an e-mail the next morning with a tracking number. Simply cut and paste that number into the UPS website to see where your package(s) is, and get an ETA to your facility to assist with your planning.

For more information, or so sign-up for this feature, please contact our Ryan Hanegan ( at SEA-LECT Designs, or our Operations Manager, Russ Hewitt ( with your email address(s) – we’ll be in contact with you shortly after to get you set up!

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