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Custom Hatch Logo: Lincoln Canoe & Kayak!

Custom Hatch Logo: Lincoln Canoe & Kayak!In addition to a great waterproof seal and bomber durability, one of the other benefit SEA-LECT Designs can provide to OEM's using our hatches is that ability to add your logo!

We're happy to be working with the great people over at Lincoln Canoe & Kayak on just such a project … and the image below shows us using an electrode to create their custom logo insert. "We're psyched to incorporate (SEA-LECT Designs) custom work into our kayaks," said Marc Bourgoin of Lincoln Canoe & Kayak, "and to be associated with another US based manufacturer!"

Custom Hatch Logo: Lincoln Canoe & Kayak!Look for an update to this article when the molding is completed … we’re looking forward to showing you the finished product!

For those of you that don’t know them, Lincoln Canoe & Kayak manufactures high quality, lightweight Kevlar and composite boats individually handcrafted in Freeport, Maine. Their retail shop offers canoe, kayak and standup paddle board rentals, tours, multi-day trips, boat repair and guide instruction (in addition, they make some pretty kick ass sleds for the winter months – check them out!)

P.S. - If you’re ordering in quantity, you don’t have to stick with just black hatches anymore! Just as they did with the 6-Million Dollar Man, ‘we have the technology’ to manufacture hatches in a wide variety of colors (but keep in mind, there’s a minimum manufacturer quantity for colored hatches, meaning we can’t just do single hatches).

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