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DIY Paddle Storage for the Discerning Kayaker

The spare paddle is an essential piece of gear for all Sea Kayakers. Whether you’re an expedition paddler doing a speed circumnavigation of Prince Edward Island or you’re a weekend warrior doing an overnight in the San Juan Islands you need to secure your paddle in a fashion that you can easily deploy and store with minimal fuss. Here at SEA-LECT designs we have your DIY solution to this 

I have re-purposed our Side Mount Rod Holder (round back style) to work as holders on the deck of your boat. After seeing several DIY projects that used PVC piping or other plumbing products I figured the Side Mount Rod Holders would be perfect for this considering the flanged opening allowing for easier placement into the tube when storing from the cockpit problem. 

What you’ll need:

- Side Mount Rod Holder x2 (Part number K325135-1 black, K325136-1 White)
- ¼” bungee cord 1’-6” long depending on width of safety lines on boat and mounting location (K655086BK)
- Locking Bungee Hook with Sleeve (Part number K653361-1)
- Pliers or channel lock pliers
- Drill
- 5/16th inch Drill bit 










Step 1: On the back side of the tube (side with 2 holes), widen the hole on the opposite end from the flared opening (see picture below) using the 5/16th drill bit. This will allow the ¼” bungee to pass through the hole. 







Step 2: determine the length of bungee you wish to use, by noting where on the deck they will be mounted. Use a length of bungee that is about 75% of the total width of the location you will be mounting.  This way the bungee is in the stretched position when the holders are installed and keep everything snug.

Step 3: Affix the first clip to one end of the bungee. The sleeve is snug so pushing it on with your fingers can be difficult; to ease this process I used the pliers to squeeze the sleeve in place.

Step 4: Pass bungee end through the widened hole you created and the opposing hole, slip the sleeve over the bungee, slide bungee into hook end, and then slide sleeve in place. Be sure that the hooks are both facing the same direction so they sit nicely on your safety lines.


Step 5: Secure your paddle and get on the water and enjoy your day off!

Additionally you may want to make an additional bungee with hooks to place over the whole unit to keep the tubes from rattling around once you’ve used your spare but isn’t a required part of it. I hope this helps solve any issues you might have had. Happy paddling and see you on the water.


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