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SEA-LECT Designs: Engineering
Innovations for Outdoor Enthusiasts

SEA-LECT Designs’ evolving line of outdoor gear solutions is designed to provide the ultimate experience for those who expect more from their equipment.

A few facts about SEA-LECT Designs:

  • A total focus. Kayak and paddlesport components and gear are all we do. Concentrating solely on quality components and accessories provides a one-stop source for gear.
  • Total control for top quality. Most SEA-LECT Designs’ products are made in the United States, and we control all phases of manufacturing, ensuring consistent quality and readily available parts.
  • As green as we can be. SEA-LECT Designs has taken measures to do its part in conservation and global warming by using recycled material when appropriate to reduce energy consumption and waste.
  • All about your needs. Most importantly, SEA-LECT Designs’ gear solutions let you make the most of your time on the water. In terms of quality, value and top performance, SEA-LECT Designs takes you wherever your outdoor adventures may lead.

SEA-LECT Designs is committed to innovation and is always on the lookout for ways to improve water-sports components with new materials and new ideas. We're committed to working with manufacturers to design and develop new products to enhance the outdoor experience. For more information, e-mail Matt Poischbeg, SEA-LECT Designs vice president and general manager, at

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